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Vocational training designed to help business thrive

We know that businesses need people with the right skills at the right time. Our aim is to connect more people to vocational education and training that is designed to help build the workforce Aotearoa needs today and in the future.

How will the establishment of Te Pūkenga affect employers now?

Learners who are on an apprenticeship or being trained at Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) or Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) will be able to continue training with little change for the next year or two. Learners can keep enrolling to train.

How will the changes affect employers in the future?

The Reform of Vocational Education aims to help employers hire people who are well-trained and ready for work – and to get people into work more quickly.

Under the changes, apprenticeships and on-the-job training will continue to be a priority. They will not be replaced by on campus learning. Industry and employees will have greater influence over the courses and training offered, to ensure learners gain the right skills for the right jobs.

How you can be involved

Six Workforce Development Councils (WDCs) representing different industries have been created to give industry a strong leadership role in vocational education and training.

The WDC’s role is to set standards, develop qualifications and help shape the curriculum of vocational education. They will moderate assessments against industry standards and, where appropriate, set and moderate capstone assessments at the end of a qualification.

As an employer, you’re best suited to understand what skills you want and need in the future. The WDCs use that information to develop appropriate qualifications and to help Te Pūkenga develop programmes that will deliver the right skills for your industry.

Regions will also be given more say in planning for the work skills they need. Your input will be valuable to Regional Skills Leadership Group , which work to meet local skill needs.

What do you need?

Taking on an apprentice or trainee is a valuable way to contribute to the future of your industry and pass on your expertise to the next generation. It can also help you grow your business with people who understand your way of working.

We can help simplify the processes of taking on an apprentice or trainee and offer you support along the way. There may be a matching programme for your industry  – get in touch to find out more.

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If you’re an employer within an eligible industry or thinking of taking on an apprentice or trainee, you may be able to access financial support to help you bring on and keep people in formal industry training.

Learn about available support.

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Sending some or all of your staff members to learn with external training providers is a simple way to add the skills and qualifications you need in your team. It could help you provide better service, grow or take on more complex and demanding projects. It’s also a way of giving back to your people – investing in them shows you believe in and trust them and want them to be part of your business growth.

Contact your ITO or Te Pūkenga subsidiary near you for more


On-site training can be tailored to the needs of your business. It’s a great way to upskill some or all of your staff members according to the particular way you do things. It can improve efficiency, safety and communication along with specific hard skills you need to grow faster or take on more complex and demanding projects. It also shows your people that you think they’re worth investing in – and that you want them to be part of the future of your business.

Contact your ITO or Te Pūkenga subsidiary near you for more.


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