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your future

Choose a way of learning that gives you
the skills and expertise the world wants. Learn everything you need – and
nothing you don’t.

Learning that fits around you and your world

Get the education and training you need to achieve your goals in work and in life. Learning with us is about developing real-world capabilities, not just qualifications.

We’re moving towards a more flexible and accessible way of learning that gives everyone the opportunity to participate and succeed – a national network with regional strength.

Whether you’re starting out on a new career, adding to your existing work skills, or learning for enjoyment, you’ll be supported to grow and achieve.

Find out why learning with us could be right for you

Whether you’re setting out on a new career or gaining extra skills for your current job, you need knowledge and expertise that prepares you for the future.

Studying with us will ensure your learning is relevant for your industry. You may also be able to earn while you learn.

Industry leaders in your community will have a say in what you’re being taught, so you can be confident you’re putting your time and energy into learning the things that really matter.

Tutor and learner looking at plants in the garden

Making the decision to learn new skills to join the job market or stay relevant in your career can seem daunting, but you won’t be taking the journey alone.

We’ll give you the educational and pastoral support you need to rise to the challenge. You’ll also be part of a community of learners who share your goals.

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We’re breaking down the barriers between learning on campus, learning online, and learning in a workplace. 

We’ll work with you to find the way of learning that best fits your work, your whānau, and your lifestyle. You might be learning on the job, on campus, or online – or a combination of all three as your needs change.

Group of learners eating lunch

No matter who you are or what stage of life you’re in, under the new system that we’re creating you’ll be able to take up training that is meaningful, easy to access, and nationally recognised – in the workplace, at a campus, or online.

Tutor and learner chef plating dessert

Fit for the future

The world is changing – and we’re changing with it. New Zealand’s vocational education system is evolving to meet the needs of learners, employers and communities, now and in the future.

If you’re studying now, you won’t see many changes in 2020. Over time, vocational education will become more supportive, flexible and relevant to work.

On 1 April 2020, New Zealand’s 16 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) became subsidiary organisations of a single national institute, Te Pūkenga – New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology. This means they’ll be working much more closely to deliver the best value for learners right across New Zealand and globally.

Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) currently arrange and support training for trainees and apprentices. Over time, Te Pūkenga will take responsibility for supporting all types of learning – on campus, on the job, and online. 

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