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Government announces tertiary student support package

The Government has announced a tertiary student support package in response to Covid-19 to help students continue their studies.

Education Minister Chris Hipkins said the Government wanted to give certainty to students as soon as possible that they could continue to be engaged in their education and were supported until tertiary education providers could put in place alternative ways to deliver teaching and learning. 

The support package is available from Wednesday, 15 April to domestic students enrolled in full-time tertiary study.

“Today’s package means students who cannot access their courses online will continue to receive their student loan payments as normal throughout the four-week lockdown period, and for up to four weeks afterwards. This flexibility is already available for student living allowances,” Minister Hipkins said.

The package is designed to help cover extra costs by temporarily increasing the student loan available for course related costs from $1000 to $2000; and continued support payments for students unable to study online for up to eight weeks.

For more information on the support package and how to apply visit the StudyLink , the Ministry of Education  websites or speak to your provider.

This page was last updated 25 May 2020

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