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Ara city campus welcome at workshop day

NZIST Whakatau

Preparing for NZIST’s future

In late August NZIST’s Council met on Ara’s city campus for a strategy workshop.

The day provided an opportunity to progress the foundational work already completed by the Establishment Board and look even further to the future.

A quick SWOT analysis confirmed the size, scale and scope of the network was NZIST’s biggest strength, while the complexity of the operating environment was the weak point. The financial situation the network is in, compounded further by COVID-19, is NZIST’s greatest threat. The opportunities are almost infinite.

The Council discussed:

  • NZIST using its scale to drive change
  • NZIST being excellent in all ways
  • NZIST operating in a way that is nimble, agile and keeps things simple
  • NZIST achieving equity and providing accessibility to learning opportunities
  • NZIST providing transformative education that will unlock learner outcomes
  • NZIST connecting learners into employment

Immediate priorities for the Council are to mitigate the financial position of the network, and progress work on achieving equity.

The NZIST Council meets every month. Members of the public are welcome to attend Council meetings. You can find out more about Council meeting dates, and read the agendas, papers and past meeting minutes on our website.

This page was last updated 23 September 2020

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