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Outside view of Wintec Building Hamilton

NZIST’s head office will be located at Wintec

Council Chair Murray Strong announces that the NZIST’s head office will be located on Wintec’s campus in Hamilton.

“Wintec is an ideal location for our head office,” says Mr Strong. “NZIST’s focus is on enhancing and improving outcomes for those who learn with us. Being located on campus means we’ll be surrounded by the very people we have been established to serve.”

The head office will be located on the ground floor within Wintec House and has 23 desk spaces as well as meeting spaces and kitchen facilities.

“NZIST was established on 1 April 2020, and we have a current national network of 16 subsidiaries located across New Zealand, who employ about 7,000 people. Over the next 30 or so months, we’ll confirm and embed our operating model. As we work through that process, we’ll lead and manage the network with a dispersed leadership model.”

Head office staff will begin working from their new office later this month.

The office will be officially opened later in the year.

See our news article: The NZIST head office will be located in Hamilton.

This page was last updated 14 August 2020

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