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Programme Redevelopments and Unification

Right now, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to redesign how we deliver vocational education and training across Aotearoa and beyond.

Currently, Te Pūkenga delivers over 2000 programmes across the country to more than 200,000 learners. Our goal is to develop a unified, sustainable, public network of regionally accessible vocational education programmes that have our learners at the centre.

Unifying programmes

Within Te Pūkenga subsidiaries (institutes of technology and polytechnics, and transitional industry training organisations), there are many qualifications that currently have multiple programmes structured and delivered in various ways. Te Pūkenga is working collaboratively to develop one ‘unified’ programme for each qualification that will work for all Te Pūkenga subsidiaries.

We will work collaboratively with input from across Te Pūkenga network and the sector to make this a success.

Te Pūkenga are taking two approaches to unification. The first approach is where most programmes will transition to an existing programme with some minor updates. The second approach is a full transformational programme development.

Progress to date

Three areas have started to transform their programmes in collaboration with our subsidiaries to improve the experience of the learners enrolled in the following programmes:

  • Bachelor of Nursing – Māori (Level 7)
  • Bachelor of Nursing – Pacific (Level 7)
  • Bachelor of Nursing (Level 7)
  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Animal Healthcare and Veterinary Nursing suite of programmes.

Throughout 2021, Te Pūkenga invited nominations for a series of reference groups with representatives from across the above sectors, including ākonga (learners), Te Pūkenga kaimahi (staff), professional bodies and organisations, hapori community services user/advocacy groups, employers and workforce, and those that use the services of our graduates. All reference groups had a particular focus on those who are under-served by the education system, including Māori, Pacific, and disabled learners.

These reference groups have worked on co-designing a unified programme that will help shape how we will deliver vocational education in the future. This work is now complete and has been used to inform ngā mātāpono (guiding concepts) that are being applied during the development process for each area and programme.

We are now engaging with our network partners, kaimahi and ākongato gain feedback on the final draft programme documentation.

We want to ensure we enhance consistency and provide an improved graduate outcomes to meet industry needs. Current, existing programme were selected and are being updated with the intention to everyone enrolled in these degree programmes will transition to the unified programme from Term 1, 2023.

To find out more about specific collaborations, please click on the links below:

Accounting and Business
Animal Healthcare and Veterinary Nursing
Social Work

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