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Programme Redevelopments

Right now, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to design how we deliver education and training across Aotearoa and beyond.

Our goal is to develop a unified, sustainable, public network of regionally accessible vocational education programmes that have our learners at the centre.

Currently, Te Pūkenga delivers over 2000 programmes across the country to 115,000 learners. Most of these programmes are structured and run differently and cross-crediting is difficult – meaning that if you start a qualification in one part of the country and have to move, it’s quite a challenge.

What we know

We know that unified programmes will be developed with our learners at the centre. We know that some of our programmes will only need minor tweaks to transition, but we know that others, if we are truly to put our learners at the heart, will need full transformation.
We know we need to work collaboratively, and we know that we need your input to make this a success.

That’s why we’re creating a series of reference groups across the sector. These groups will be a chance to partner with our learners, our Te Pūkenga staff, our professional bodies and organisations, our employers and those that use the services of our graduates. Together, these groups will help shape how we will deliver vocational education in the future.

How can you get involved?

To ensure these programme developments are a success, we need to work with you!
You can find further specific programme development information by clicking on the links below.
Please check back for updates on these programmes over the coming weeks and months.

Animal Healthcare and Veterinary Nursing

Social Work


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