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Animal Healthcare and Veterinary Nursing

We are working collaboratively with Te Pūkenga subsidiaries to develop one unified programme for each of the following Animal Healthcare and Veterinary Nursing qualifications:

  • Animal Care Level 3 (Companion, Equine and Rural)
  • Animal Management Level 4 (Zoo, Fish, Amphibians and Reptiles, Canine Behaviour and Training, Companion Animal and Grooming (pending)
  • Animal Health Care Assisting Level 4 (Companion, Equine and Rural)
  • Veterinary Nursing Level 6 (Companion and Equine)
  • Rural Veterinary Technology Level 6
  • Animal Healthcare Technology Level 6 (Equine Dental Technician and Animal Rehabilitation)

Reference groups with representatives across all areas have come together to co-design ngā mātāpono (guiding concepts) for the development of each programme. This work is now being used to inform the philosophies and key principles for the programmes. The next step will be to develop our graduate profile statements and programme structure, which will then be followed by writing the curriculum documentation.

In early 2022 we will undertake a process of consultation with our partners to gain feedback on the final draft curriculum documentation for each programme.

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