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Early movers, a kaimahi journey

Yesterday Te Pūkenga moved from a whānau of several hundred kaimahi to a much bigger team of roughly 1,700 kaimahi, and importantly 24,000 ākonga.

Welcoming Toi Ohomai and Wintec is an important step in building the foundation of our unified network. By stepping into the tuakana role, Toi Ohomai and Wintec, as early movers, are paving the way for the network to become a direct part of Te Pūkenga. Kaimahi leaders within both organisations are laying the foundations we need to unify the network, deliver greater collaboration, reduce competition, and better outcomes for ākonga, with their whānau, employers and of course our Te Tiriti partners. Te Pūkenga is grateful to be able to feature Wintec Executive Director Māori, Quality and Academic for Wintec and gain insight into what this means for her and her team.

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