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He ara hei whai i te ora | A pathway towards wellbeing

Te Pūkenga has adopted a holistic wellbeing framework grounded in mātauranga Māori. 

Created by Tā Mason Durie, Te Pae Māhutonga uses the six stars of the Southern Cross constellation to depict six key issues for health promotion: Mauri Ora (te ao Māori), Waiora (environmental protection), Toiora (healthy lifestyles), Te Oranga (wellbeing), Ngā Manukura (leadership) and Te Mana Whakahaere (autonomy). 

The hope is that the stars which make up Te Pae Māhutonga will serve as a reminder about the potential for healthy people and a healthy nation. 

The framework was unveiled at the recent Matariki network-wide webinar. 

Ākonga research and Te Rito workshops found that all aspirations pointed towards holistic wellbeing. 

Hauora guidelines and tools for practical everyday use will now be developed over the coming months. 

Te Pūkenga kaimahi are encouraged to consider how they might bring one, some or all aspects of Te Pae Māhutonga to life – remembering that once Matariki sets for the year, we can continue to look up towards the Southern Cross for our daily wellbeing reminder. 

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