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Otago Polytechnic Graduation Postponement

Otago Polytechnic has made the devastating decision to postpone our graduation ceremonies scheduled for Friday 11 December, and pre-grad ceremonies today and tomorrow (Thursday 10 and Friday 11 December).

Following advice from New Zealand Police, the recommendation was to postpone our ceremonies.

Dr Megan Gibbons, Otago Polytechnic Chief Executive said they are closely monitoring the situation and are in regular dialogue with Police.

“We know how much work, passion, heart and soul goes into study, as well as academic provision and all the various student support services,” Dr Gibbons says. 

“Many, many people are affected, included those who work so hard to organise graduation ceremonies. However, the safety of students and staff is Otago Polytechnic’s number one priority.”

Otago Polytechnic would also like to convey its sympathy to the students and staff at the University of Otago, whose ceremonies were also affected. 

Nathan Laurie, OPSA President, expressed that while unfortunately we have had to postpone planned celebrations, it does not diminish the achievements of students in what was a really challenging year.

This page was last updated 11 December 2020

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