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Continue to share your views for the future operating model

Welcome to the ‘Our Journey’ collaboration space! Together we are entering a new phase of this exciting journey to transform vocational learning in Aotearoa and further our commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

In early March, many New Zealanders accessed this collaboration space to offer insightful feedback on the mahi done at that time and to share new ideas on each topic. We heard from many diverse voices from all parts of the country and in different industries.

Since then, our project team has collated and organised everyone’s valuable contributions and used these to progress the thinking that has been done around the future operating model.

It’s Your Turn Again

The project team has used everyone’s feedback to create a range of ideas related to the services and functions which will be needed by learners and employer in the future.

This is all part of the process as we look to answer four key questions in the development of the operating model (explained in this video clip):

-What does Te Pūkenga do?
-Who is it done for?
-How will it get done?
-Where will it get done?

We now invite you to view and comment on these service and function ideas in the Our Journey collaboration space. You’ll see a number of descriptions of what ākonga/learner and employers might experience with vocational learning in Aotearoa in the future. Each unique description is part of the a proposed solution to achieve the best outcome, as identified by research and in our Charter.
Just like last time, we want and need to hear from as many diverse voices as possible. Where you are from, your iwi, hapū, ethnicity, age, learning style, physical ability, profession, history, and interests are all important to us. So please, speak up!

Simply log in (or if it’s your first time, sign up) today to share your feedback on our online space at https://tepukenga.citizenlab.co

Your comments and response to the mahi being done will continue to provide vital feedback to help us refine our future operating model. This will inform what Te Pūkenga does, where and how it gets done, and ensure everyone is included.

Merran Davis, Te Pūkenga Deputy Chief Executive of Transformation and Transition and co-design project sponsor explains, “This is your opportunity to be part of something really significant. Your voice will help ensure that in the future Te Pūkenga will serve the people of Aotearoa equally and provide the quality, access and support ākonga need to be successful. Hearing from people across the country and with a variety of experiences to share is really important to us.”

Sharing your voice now will leave a legacy for your own whānau / family, ensuring future generations will be able to access vocational education and be supported in the career they choose.

Every Voice Matters

Are you a past, present or future ākonga? Are you a business owner who employs apprentices? Are you a Kaiako/teacher in a learning institution? Do you support ākonga? Perhaps you represent a particular group in the community or industry? Whatever your story, we are listening.

The Our Journey collaboration space will remain open for this round of contributions until Friday, 23 April 2021.

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