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MITO transition to Te Pūkenga approved

Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) has approved the transition of MITO New Zealand to Te Pūkenga. The TEC Board’s approval of MITO’s transition plan sets the way for the transition to occur on 1 January 2022.

All of MITO’s learners and arranging training functions will transfer to Te Pūkenga Work Based Learning (WBL), with the exception of the industrial textile fabrication industry which will transfer to MAST Academy. MITO’s employees will transfer to Te Pūkenga as the MITO business division.

Chief Executive of Te Pūkenga Work Based Learning, Toby Beaglehole, said, “we are looking forward to welcoming MITO as soon as possible after 1 January, adding their vast expertise in automotive, commercial road transport, drilling, gas, mining and quarrying, passenger service and ports and stevedoring to our national network.”

MITO will be the fourth business division within Te Pūkenga Work Based Learning Limited, following the transitions of Competenz, Connexis and BCITO in August, September and October 2021 respectively.

For more information, see here: MITO transition to Te Pūkenga approved.

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